Darci Smith

Group Facilitator & Trainer

As a Facilitator and Trainer in Technology of Participation (ToP®) methods, Darci has been both a consumer and practitioner of these time-tested tools and techniques. Darci draws out the collective voice of the group, funneling their distinct passions and views towards shared decisions and goals. To achieve this, she employs a number of facilitation designs such as Strategic Planning, Board Retreats, Action Planning, Data Analysis, and Team Building Sessions.

Darci is an Associate with the national ToP® Network and Bay Area Center for Strategic Facilitation of credentialed facilitators and trainers. Her ToP® Facilitator and Trainer accreditation is through the Institute of Cultural Affairs providing community development work since the 1950s. In over 50 countries, ToP® methods have been leveraged in major international social change ventures and hundreds of organizational and corporate change initiatives.